woodcraft | woodturnign lathe – wood turning – metal lathe – woodworking lathe – cnc machine

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woodcraft | woodturnign lathe - wood turning - metal lathe - woodworking lathe - cnc machine

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For another sense of the word “woodcraft”, see Woodworking.
This article is about woodcraft or woodlore. For Woodcraft retail stores, catalogs and magazine, see Woodcraft Supply.

The term woodcraft — or woodlore — denotes skills and experience in matters relating to living and thriving in the woods—such as hunting, fishing, and camping—whether on a short- or long-term basis. Traditionally, woodcraft pertains to subsistence lifestyles, with implications of hunting-gathering. In more recent times, and in developed countries, it relates more to either outdoor recreationalism or survivalism.

Whether traditional or modern, woodcraft may be roughly equated to the phrase “living off the land”.

The Scouting movement has adopted woodcraft techniques as a core skill set known as scoutcraft.

In the United States, woodcraft techniques in a military context are taught as part of SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) training.

Traditional woodcraft has particular importance in American folklore, especially that relating to the early American frontier.

In the UK, the Woodcraft Folk are an organisation founded on the principles of woodcraft.

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