New Legacy Classes Begin

by Robert
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We are on our way

In a few short weeks, on the 28-29 October 2016, we will be holding our first 2-day workshop in England proper. I’ve longed for this day! We have two workshops planned for this latter part of the year and will hold them 10 miles from the historic city of Oxford at the Sylva Wood Centre in Southeast Oxfordshire.

The benches are now in place.
The benches are now in place.


We are increasingly choosing community awareness

I’ve always worked to make my workshops as effective for all as much as possible without the work becoming a money making entity alone. Since day one we’ve given two free class places for every eight paying students to those who might never afford it.  We are increasing this to 25% of classes being offered in the same way. Additionally, we’ve offered different free workshops and open houses for woodworking enthusiasts and friends throughout the years too. So at this time, and as we celebrate officially reopening the New Legacy School of Woodworking in my native England, we hope that you will continue to support us as you always have through the decades.

Good light, good benches, plenty of space and the right tools. Spell success!
Good light, good benches, plenty of space and the right tools. Spell success!

Our outreach through hands-on teaching spans two decades on two continents and reaches woodworkers worldwide. Relocating from Wales to England we’ve begun progressing our interest in more socially conscious endeavours as something very close to my heart. I wish to provide a more nurturing environment for woodworkers to interface with. Yes, that means offering even more bench slots to those who might never be able to attend our classes or afford the online work via Woodworking Masterclasses, but also possible alternative ways of apprenticing. We have always invested in new woodworkers and indeed young woodworkers wanting to experience real woodworking in an environment like ours.

And a New Face Too

Cristina Tudorache keeps everything ticking like clockwork.
Cristina Tudorache keeps everything ticking like clockwork.

My workload increases week by week and more people make what we do work behind the scenes. Our newest member of the team came on board to work alongside me to help me become ever more efficient. Cristina joined us to become my PA (personal assistant) and she is very committed to the work we do. Anyone contacting me will discover Cristina to be a friendly and knowledgeable  guide to steer them into the right channels.


Speaking of classes

The two classes planned between now and Christmas are a two-day Discovering Woodworking 28-29 October and another two-day class a few weeks later.

You will be able to see the studio I work in as some of the around the bench lectures will be in there.
You will be able to see the studio I work and film the videos in as some of the around-the-bench lectures will be in there.


Workshops will be offered on a first come first served basis as was the first 2-day. We emailed the list of those who had asked to be notified when the course was scheduled and within 38 minutes the class was full. We do have classes planned for the coming year and these will be by application but we have to yet work out a fairer way of allocating places.


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