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In this day and age, woodworking plans and designs are readily available in the internet. This gives a lot of woodworker’s easy access to woodworking plans for various wooden crafts such as a chair, a desk or a shelf. With a wide variety of plans attainable at a click of a mouse, it is essential to know what site will actually deliver the information that you need in building wood projects.

As a response to this, Ted McGrath came up with a package for every woodworker. He called the package the Ted’s Woodworking package. It contains a huge assortment of woodworking projects that he has gathered over the span of two years. The package has more than sixteen thousand woodworking plans that are all available to those who will buy it.
The Pros...
There are a number of factors that are beneficial to clients who wish to avail the Ted’s Woodworking package. As mentioned earlier, the package includes a variety of woodworking plans and designs that you can browse for ideal home furnishings and crafts that you want to make.

It contains plans for both beginners and professional woodworkers. Instructions in these plans are also simple and specific meaning that it can be understood by anyone. The step-by-step procedure in which these instructions are presented aids beginning woodworkers in creating crafts that are of professional quality.

Aside from this, Ted’s Woodworking also provides a number of bonus items for clients. Included in these items are: DWG/CAD software for making your own woodworking plans, a guide for basic carpentry, a video coaching for some of the projects and a manual on how to start your own woodworking business. These bonuses will be of good help for anyone who wants to enhance their skill.

Since the product is available online, it can be easily accessed by clients. Navigation around the site is also not a problem. For a collection of woodworking plans that exceeds a thousand, Ted’s Woodworking was able to create an organized way of presenting these plans to clients. There will be no worries looking for the plans you want to have because you can easily locate them.
The Cons...
Like any other product, Ted’s Woodworking also has its cons. You may find that there are a few projects that may not be as good as the others while you search the site. Review woodworking plans and designs carefully before trying to create and build these crafts. Another dilemma would be on the speed of downloading these woodworking plans.
woodworking_designs copia
Many have commented that downloading can take a while. Also, some of the links posted cannot be accessed. It is essential to get the attention of the support staff so that they can address whatever problems you may encounter while navigating the site.

Final Thoughts...
Ted’s Woodworking package has definitely a lot of benefits that it can provide to clients that can be said to be incomparable to other sites offering the same product. However, it can also cause some dilemmas. The choice of product to avail will still depend on you. Reviewing benefits and disadvantages thoroughly will help in knowing which to purchase.

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