Flip Up Desks that Convert to Table for our Tiny House

by Robert
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Man you guys are all the smartest!

Last week when our DIY desks that convert to a dining table for our Tiny House went live –

Several of you noted that the drawer in the desks only took advantage of about 1/3 of the storage space that it could have.  I originally intended for a larger drawer, but the tabletop needed extra reinforcement, so ended up downsizing the drawer for structural reasons.

So why not have a flip top?  You guys are too smart.  Not only does this increase the storage by quite a bit – but this design is easy to build and less expensive.  Too good not to do a plan for you.

Just in case you missed the video for this project, here it is –

And the plans follow for the flip up desk.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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