Android powered wall mounted media/photo frame

by Robert
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Cord path

A couple years ago I got a Google Nexus 7. Back when I had an iPhone 5 the bigger screen was awesome for reading and browsing. Since my phone screens have got larger I’ve hardly touched the Nexus 7 and it was just sitting unused.

I threw together a little frame for it and stuck it on the wall outside the closet that has the stereo that powers the whole house speaker system. Frame was made out of Quarter Sawn White Oak with protruding half lap joinery. Finish was done using Danish oil, shellac and wax.

Makes for a nice little internet radio interface… and I can fire off streaming netflix, etc… to the chromecasts in the house too. Can also┬ámake a decent little photo frame when not doing media service.

A little chopping out space for the connecters. Good fit And this is why you buy a 1/8" chisle Cord path Looking good A couple velcro strips make for a solid and easy way to attach and detach. Some apps, a clock, and the wether at a glance Streaming internet radio throughout the house. Can fire off netflix streams to the chromecasts attached to the TV's around the house. (main TV is in this room) 2015-06-30 16.15.46
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