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Want an Honest Review about Teds Woodworking Plans?
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Developed by Ted McGrath, Ted’s Woodworking is a wide compilation of different woodworking plans. As an educator, woodworker and an AWI member, McGrath sought to give woodworkers a way in which to acquire comprehensive plans that they can use.

Over the years, he has gathered a variety of projects that professional and beginning woodworkers can do for their homes. These plans include about more than sixteen thousand projects from a simple coffee table, chair, and doghouse to plans that are as big as a shed or a gazebo. At present, Ted McGrath has a site where these projects can be accessed for a reasonable amount.

What to Expect...
You can expect a vast amount of projects that can be availed of when purchasing the Ted’s McGrath plans.
The wide selection will enable anyone to accomplish different things that they wish to make. The variety of designs that Ted McGrath's collection presents to customers are of no limits.

Each design comes with a set of instruction that is easy to understand and is step-by-step. Thus, the concise presentation of how to create various things with wood and the endless option of woodworking plans make the package suitable both for beginners and professionals.

Indeed, Ted’s package will aid any woodworker in making objects that are professionally made with its highly detailed presentation of the steps on how to go about the construction. It also includes a DVD or video for further coaching and fully understanding the process.
Aside from the fact that you can get instant access to the woodworking plans because it is a digital product, the site is also well-organized and you can easily find the plans that you are looking for. Such factor is essential since the site offers thousands of woodworking projects and one can get confused in looking for specific plans without a systematic way of presenting it to clients.

The Ted’s Woodworking plans also includes bonus items upon purchase which is proven to be useful to a woodworker's career. One important highlight of these bonus package is its manual on starting a business on woodworking. The guide will aid interested individuals who wants to earn a living or extra income using their carpentry skills. A sixty days money back guarantee is also offered when these plans are not proven to be effective.

What Must Be Kept In Mind...
It is important to keep in mind that McGrath is offering a digital product. This implies that you can purchase the woodworking plans and projects online and nowhere else. Further, in as much as the projects and blueprints here are of high quality, there may be some that will not be as good as the others.

Reports and reviews of the site also mentioned that some of the links are not functioning properly which can pose dilemmas in accessing certain projects. Downloading can also be slow at times and will take a lot of patience. Nevertheless, these problems are not that serious and once encountered, you have to get the attention of the site's technical support so that they can address it immediately.      
Final Thoughts...
The projects in Teds Woodworking are deemed to be comprehensive. It will be a personal choice if you want to avail of it or not. Woodworking projects and blueprints are available online from various sources and choosing the right one for you will require a thorough assessment.
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